Yukon Quest/Alaska is proud to announce that Doug Grilliot as Race Marshal and Dr. Cristina (“Nina”) Hansen as Head Veterinarian have both agreed to officiate the 2021 Summit Quest 300. Both were highly recommended by the Yukon Quest Rules Committee. The Alaskan Board of Directors confirmed these choices unanimously.

Doug Grilliot finished the Yukon Quest twice and the Iditarod once before becoming a Yukon Quest Race Judge for the first time in 2006, where he oversaw the rescue operation of mushers from Eagle Summit at former dog drop Mile 101. He served again as a Race Judge in 2007 before later on taking the position of Race Marshal for the YQ1000 race 6 times. Grilliot has also been a Race Marshal for the YQ 300 in 2012 and is currently the official Musher Representative on the Alaskan Board of Directors. He has graciously agreed to take on the Race Marshal position for the 2021 Summit Race without compensation. The Alaskan Board of Directors is certain that his long experience as a musher and Race Judge will serve as a cornerstone of the Race from start to finish.

Dr. Cristina Hansen DVM/PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Dr. Hansen worked for the YQ 1000 as a trail veterinarian for 5 years before taking on the position of Head Veterinarian of the race and has served in this role now for 7 consecutive years. She has also worked as Head Veterinarian for the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race for 12 years and will join us with an abundance of expertise in the field of sled dog veterinary medicine.

Race Marshal Doug Grilliot and Head Veterinarian Dr. Nina Hansen will now both begin to assemble their respective crews of judges and trail veterinarians to assure a fair and safe race for dogs and mushers alike.

The Race is on!

Yukon Quest, Alaska

Board of Directors